Wednesday, August 13, 2014

To my Kids

Dear Students,

                           My darling 4th graders. How are you 4th graders already? It seems like we just started our journey and you were my little 3rd graders. Now look at us. We have survived our first year together. I survived my first year teaching. I didn't totally fail you. This is a new year and I pledge to be a better teacher to you. I pledge to tell you I love you more, to show more compassion. I promise to listen, really listen to you. I won't get caught up in all the things I need to do, instead I will take time to listen to you. I promise to be more prepared for each and every lesson, because you deserve the absolute best I can give you. I promise to have more patience for you and remember you are still little ones and I need to respect that.

                           I hope this year brings us joy. We will laugh, cry and probably get angry with each other. We will forgive and understand each other. I am so incredibly blessed to be your teacher for another year and I cannot wait to get started. I want to celebrate our successes both big and small while learning from mistakes, because we both will make many. I hope you find your way this year and that those 'light bulb' moments come quicker and if they don't I hope you remember how smart you are and just because you don't get something right away, it doesn't mean you never will. We will make it this year together.

                        My sweet kids I have the most confidence in you and I am so proud to call you mine. Here's to a new school year and a new opportunity to work and grow together. I love you and I cannot wait to watch you shine this year.

                                                                                       All my love,
                                                                                                  Miss S


  1. Such a sweet letter. I hope today goes well for you!! xo

  2. Aww! How sweet. How neat you get to be their teacher yet again! Until what grade do you continue to be their teacher? That's so neat!

  3. You get to teach them 2 years in a row?!??! So exciting! The fact that you are thinking about doing better for them is a sure sign you will!


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