Monday, August 25, 2014

So I used to blog...

oh hey there.

Remember a little red head girl who would yak & yak about nothing on this little place.
well she is not dead, kidnapped, or abducted.

she is alive and kicking.
okay maybe slightly kicking..

I am sorry I have been absent the last almost two weeks. I won't even lie and say I have been reading your blogs, because well I haven't. I suck I know...but i have literally had ZERO time!

It has been CRAZY! School started almost two weeks ago and I have been going non stop. Being at school from 7am-5pm most nights & back  to school for  4+ hours both weekends. There has been many changes at school and there is A LOT more pressure put on us this year and I have lost a LOT of plan time, so I haven't had time to do lessons etc during the day..aka after school I have been busy planning, prepping, grading etc instead of catching up on blogs..

I am stressed to say the least..BUT, I am also loving my kiddos! I missed my kids and I have 4 new yes I am at a total of 29...

I know, right. That is a lot of little souls for me to handle. BUT we are doing the best we can and trying hard to get things movin and groovin in 4th grade.

So that is where  I have been...busy as hell.

I have missed you & I have some posts planned & I'm trying to get back in the swing of things!

Here is a photo dump because photos are way more fun than me gabbing on!

Open house the Monday before school started!

Dave's 26th birthday :)
My table after the first day... Holy smokes..
There's been a lotta gym time even though I've been busy!
One if my kids knocked over my vase with my massive flowers ;/
Selfie. Duh

Meal planning... I've also been meal prepping on Sundays!
The best chicken tacos
This one :)
Finally tried the blendicano, no guilt Starbucks drink :)

We went to broil fest (basically like a three day long festival in a small town near us) over the weekend! I won a little Dino :)
They had skee ball :)
& rides

Meal prepping!

So that's been life lately! What have you guys been doin?! Fill me in!!


  1. I've taken some time off from blogging because it wasn't on my schedule since working, starting school, and raising two little ones is crazy sometimes. Loving the pictures!!!

  2. I've been wondering where you've been lady! Welcome back :-D

  3. Love all the photos - glad school is going well so far. xo

  4. BAH TACOS! they look so good. also that pink necklace in the first picture is so cute!

  5. What do you use for your meal planning? Just a calendar? I loved seeing classroom things!!!!

  6. Hope you're making your way through the new changes that came your way. So tell me about that Starbucks drink, please? What is it? And more importantly, does it taste good?


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