Friday, August 8, 2014

5 on a Friday

2 posts in a week... yikes.

Sorry friends but I have been sooooo busy working my classroom! I haven't had much time to sit and write! Today we have district meetings today then we can work in our rooms in the afternoon.

My parents are coming in today and I am pretty excited to see them! The plan is come up to school and work in my room! I am so lucky to have them help me especially since I have only had a few days to work and school starts WEDNESDAY!! eeek!

okay so since it's Friday I thought I'd give ya 5 thannngs on my mind.

{1} THESE.

I AM OBSESSED. We all know I love chocolate, duh. BUT since I am on this healthy quest, I am always looking for healthier ways to get sweets in. Almonds covered in dark chocolate...get in my mouth.

{2} This song.

I am not really sure how I feel about Jason Aldean (yannnno with the whole leaving his high school sweetheart wife for a 20-something and now extremely public with his new relationship with his mistress) but i do love this song.

{3}RHOC. I mean COME ON we all know I am obsessed with this show, but holy moly. Tamra is stirring that shit up. I love my girl, but she needs to shut her TRAP. OH and Shannon is coming around to me again, I might like her? Also, thoughts on Lizzie...she kind of annoyed me the last two eps, but I still like her.

{4}Where did this summer go?? I literally feel like I was just on vacay at the beginning of june...and now school starts in 6 days..

{5} I am looking for healthy crock pot recipes. If you have any or know where I can find some...please let me know!

Welp, that's all i got for ya! have a fab weekend lovlies!


  1. I feel like Lizzie is trying too hard... and it's about time Tamra gets called out on all her pot stirring.. YEESH!

    Happy Friday gurlie!

  2. no joke on pinterest i found a pin of healthy crockpot recipes!


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