Tuesday, July 8, 2014

When I am alone..

Hey there friends!

So yesterday, I got together with a few teacher's at our librarians house for swimming.


Since it is summer vacation, i do end up spending a lot of my days alone and when I saw the topic for today in the July Challenge I had to join in because I have been noticing a lot of my 'alone behaviors'

+ No Pants. Okay well we all know that I hate button pants, but I guess this summer, even stretchy yoga pants have become unacceptable. Honestly, binge watching netflix/bravo in my undies has become a norm.

+ Eating out of container. So I told you about my ranch alternative. Since D doesn't eat it, i don't even bother spooning it on a plate, I dip my carrot right into the dang container.

+ Cops. Okay this isn't total alone behavior, because i will watch 'Cops' in front of D BUT other than that, i keep that on DL. I am OBSESSED as in, I creepily watch it at the gym (not at my treadmill, but if its on the one next to me...my eyes are glued)

+ Pimple Popping. I would never do this is front of someone, sick. I can only pop my pimples in the privacy of my own bathroom, with the door shut.

What are some of your alone behaviors??



  1. I like eating out of containers pantless - so you're not alone :)

  2. blogging is an alone thing haha. I also like doing my photography alone. I always feel weird if I'm taking photos of flowers with someone with me. And, skipping showers on sundays...only if I'm alone. ;)

  3. I am such a pimple popper! My mom hates it, but its a release for me I guess.

  4. I love COPS, and don't worry popping zits is a total alone time thing.

  5. eating out of the container = no dishes WINNING!

  6. I am as socially unacceptable as possible once I walk through the door at home. I dread the doorbell ringing and being caught all inappropriate/scrubbed out :-P


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