Monday, July 21, 2014

Meet Me in St. Louis

ohhh Monday!
hello there again. Now lately Mondays haven't bothered me because well...i did not have to work.

Welp, I am down to TWO mondays before I can get in my classroom. (including today). I should be able to get in my room starting the 4th of August, and school starts the 13. Didn't I just get out for the summer??

Anyways, I will be enjoying this monday and relaxing ;) But most likely I will be cleaning out the closet on my deck. 

This weekend was a good one. D & I headed to STL to see my family and celebrate my birthday with them. It was so nice seeing them. We had plans all weekend, but there was some relaxing and the weather was gorgeous, so overall it was great.

{1} Got an early gym sesh in before we left
{2} My new phone background
{3} It felt great after the 3 hour drive to snuggle on my parents couch
{4} I blogged about my 5 faves, including this home made flavored water

{1} Saturday morning we were up early & headed to the local Farmers Market in STL, and I had to get a bloody mary
{2} Flowers Dave picked up for me at the market :)
{3} Running Errands with my sissy
{4} yum, just yum
My Aunt has a pool and we grilled and played there for most of the day saturday. My cousins are in love with D. We played all day and had such a great time
Men with kids = :)))) I mean duh :)


{1} We were up early again and headed to a MASSIVE swap meet.
{2} We had to leave Sunday, thank goodness I had this cutie for my drive partner
{3} Whenever we go to STL we ALWAYS stop at Quick Trip on the way home to get slushies since we do not have QTs back in springfield
{4} Gorgeous hills on the way back, it can be  a beautiful drive

It of course flew by too fast, but I am back and ready to work on my school stuff and get back to routine.

Have a great Monday dolls!!!


  1. Looks like such a fab weekend! Wish we could have met up for lunch or drinks...NEXT TIME. :) xo

  2. i'm so jealous of your weekend! it looks like you had a good time. and men with children just freak me out. i swear my uterus tries to run away. I'm clearly not ready for children hahaha

  3. sounds like a great weekend!

  4. I can't believe you're already so close to going back to school, that's craziness!

  5. What a great weekend! That pool looks so refreshing!

  6. We have quick trips every where and I still haven't ever had a slushie from there (gasp?) That bloody mary looks wonderful!


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