Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Guilty Pleasures


uh yeah sorry, I am not over the camel commercial. I still laugh.


anyways I am glad it is wednesday, I am SO looking forward to this week and celebrating 'Merica :)
I love the fourth of July, well really anytime to celebrate with friends, food & a few brews. I mean ya can't beat it, can ya? PLUS a theme to dress to, sign me up.

Some of you have probably seen this July Challenge floating around a few bloggers. Well I love Miss Allie, so i had to join in the fun. I am not doing it every day, but there were a few posts that sparked my interest and I cannot wait to share them with you.

Today's theme is 'Guilty Pleasures'

Now I have blogged about this subject before, but I have a few more I wanted to share.

{1} Celeb Gossip. I have E! news on my phone, and I love those little alerts. I do not know why I am so obsessed with other people's lives, but I love it.  (insert crayyy blogger)

{2} Chocolate. I literally crave it EVERY DAY!!! #fatgirl I have been pretty good about curbing it, but I love it.

{3} Color Coding. This goes along with my OCD-ness. From my closet to school, I LOVE to color code things.

{4} Listening to songs on repeat. 'This is how we roll' by FLGA...yeah, I listened to that about 359348690 times in the first week...I get obsessed and listen over and over.

{5} Hobby Lobby. Just walking around, makes me happy.

mmmmkay, your turn!!


  1. Magic Mike, huh? I wonder what the party invitations would look like ;)

  2. I'm pretty sure I should seek help for my celebrity gossip addiction but I can't stop/won't stop. I NEED to know when someone goes to rehab/ends up pregnant/etc. etc

  3. Our Hobby Lobby is REALLY far from us here in Vegas, like a solid 45 minute drive on the opposite side of town. I went to one back in Texas and found canvases from Lindsay Letters. LOVE HER WORK, and I love that they're now in collaboration with her so her stuff is a lot less expensive than ordering from her shop online. Check it out next time!


  4. christ. celebrity gossip gets me every time!

  5. #2 and 4 yes ma'am! I eat a little chocolate every single day.

  6. I admit to liking a little celeb gossip now and then. Makes me human, right? :)

  7. Not a fan of the "This is how we roll" version on the radio with Jason Derulo.... no thanks give me Luke Bryan please!

  8. Tell me more about this E! app on your phone, cause I might really need that! <3


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