Wednesday, July 30, 2014

girl, i am still alive.

Hey girl hey!!

Yes I am still alive. Things have been a little slow and crazy around here. I have had a few things going on, but then again also nothing too exciting..and a lot of napping with a hint of 'you better clean your apartment before your boyfriend is so disgusted he leaves you' action.

super sweet sarah..

I am getting ready to  head back to school to work in my classroom, because oh yeah school starts 2 weeks from today.


yeah. real neat.

So i haven't had much blog about, but I thought I'd update ya about what's been going around here.

Over the weekend we went floating, on the hottest day of the year...EFF. It was SOOOO hot but the water was great and cool! Sleeping was miserable, but hey it's all part of the experience.
Alex & I before the float
my honey :)


my friend Alex came to visit & to float and played in Branson Friday during the day.

We got sushi when she came in. These were our apps, I was too busy inhaling the rolls to get a picture of that.

OOTD from when we went to branson
Wine tasting, le duh
Friday night we went to one of my fave restaurants and got buffalo chicken dip

How have you been??
What's new?


  1. I know how it gets... busy life but nothing worth talking about Happens to me often. Floating sounds like fun. I've never done it before. Happy Wednesday!

  2. can we trade lives for just one weekend?! jealous!

  3. I'm teaching this year and I have next to nothing to go in my classroom. I'm not even living in the same city I'm going to be teaching in at the moment. I'm hoping to get into my classroom Friday. I'm freaking out!

  4. Mmm buffalo chicken dip! Yummo! Also, I was at Six Flags on the hottest day of the year. Ugh!


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