Wednesday, July 23, 2014



Can we talk about how we are about 3/4 of the way through JULY??


School starts in less than a month.

where has my summer gone??

BUT in all reality I am ready to work in my room..AUG. 4th, hurrrry up! I have a lottta stuff I wanna get done!!

So anyways, back to the post--


{reading} Allegiant I finally finished it & I am not moving on to Allegiant.

{watching} uhhh all things bravo. DUH, Game of Crowns, Real Housewives... but hello you know me.

{wanting} to get started in my classroom, I feel like I have 8978395 things to do.

{missing} the beach, can we go back now?

{drinking} Water. Good lord I have been getting my H20 in.

{eating} a lotta fruit & Ezekiel bread. I am addicted to both lately.  

{needing} a cutsey planner for meal planning once school starts as well as tracking my workouts   

{thinking} I feel like I have hit a plateau in my weight loss. I need to focus more on my eating, and I know that. But I am not getting discouraged, just pushing through it!!

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  1. I am missing the beach too!! boo.

    As far as the plateau thing maybe you need to switch up what you are doing to jumpstart back? Like different workouts or eat differently. :)

  2. I was watching Bravo last night too!! Gotta love all the drama of the Real Housewives! :) I'm itching to get into my classroom too. Savor the last few days of summer! :)

  3. What is this Ezekiel bread I keep hearing about? I'm very intrigued ;-)


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