Friday, July 18, 2014

5 favorites {for Friday}


thank god, you are here! D & I are heading to STL this weekend! We have a jam packed weekend with the family, including celebrating my birthday with them :)  I am ready for a weekend away from Springfield and relax at home.

So I am linking up again for the July Challenge today and the theme is '5 Favorites' and since I have done 5 for a Friday before, I thought I can participate this go 'round.

{1} Flavored water. I bought this glass container at Target and I have been filling it with water and fruit. I have only used sliced lemons and pineapple and I cannot get enough. I keep it in the fridge so it's always cold and I go through it so fast.

{2} Game of Crowns. UMMMM middle aged women and beauty pageants? Does it get trashier/better? NOPE! Bravo, you have hooked me again.

{3} New goals. I have decided I am going to be really focusing on my arms and shoulders in my workouts. I want to have some 'guns' and really nice sculpted shoulders. I love having new goals for the gym and having something to work for! It excites me.

{4} Farmer's Market. I love the one in town (D & I went over the weekend) There is a huge one in STL, and we are going to be heading there Saturday with the fam. Cannot wait to get some delicious goodies :)

{5} School supplies are out! I can't wait to get in my classroom :)

Happy Friday Friends! Have a good one..and maybe a brew or two :)


  1. Ok, you're like the 50th person I've come across who raves about fruit and water. I think it's finally time to try it! :) I'm a teacher too and am so excited to add things to my classroom this year too! I've always loved when school supplied is finally out! Hope you have a great birthday weekend!

  2. i love school supplies. im that one person at the office with colored EVERYTHING. everyone else has like black and generic crap and i go nuts at staples.

  3. Yay for new goals!! And cute supplies haha


  4. If you have ANY extra time this wknd let me know!!!!!!!

  5. I have never heard of game of crowns but it sounds fantastic and now I have to find it!

  6. love homemade flavored water!!

  7. I haven't ever tried flavored water with pineapple. That sounds amazing!! I already watch too much reality TV. I will be steering clear of Game of Crowns.


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