Tuesday, June 17, 2014

This Life of Mine

Hey there friends! 

So today I am bringing you a new blogger friend! her name is Ashleigh. I only recently 'met' her and I have liked her ever since I met. She is down to earth & so easy to talk to. Plus she is pretty funny as you will see..


Lately I have been coming upon instances when I literally stop and think, “Wait, how does that work?” or “wow that really is a mystery!” Maybe I am just slow, or don’t understand the basic principles of life, but I want to share with you the things that baffle my mind. And shout out to Sarah for letting me ramble about such things on her blog!

 Dead stink bugs 

 Okay, but really how does this happen? First off, at least where I live, we see these things all of the time. You can’t drown them down the sink. You can’t suffocate them. You can’t spray them with cleaning chemicals. They are literally annoying indestructible bugs. And then I find dead ones randomly around the house. HOW?!?! Do they just get old and die? Is there some crazy special thing that kills them and I just happen to have it in the air at my house? I need answers people!

 People who forget to eat 

I admit, this isn’t really so much a mystery as a “how the hell does that happen?” kind of thing. I think this meme pretty much says it all. Because I do that. As soon as I wake up I am looking forward to breakfast. 12 noon hits you can find me in the lunch room. Oh, it’s almost 5:30? Yep, it’s time for dinner. Seriously, you people who just “forget to eat” are downright crazy. And complete liars.
Men’s armpit hair 

So I apologize if this is gross, but the other day Tony had his arm up and I was looking at his armpit hair and I just thought to myself, “How does the hair know when to stop?” But really. Why doesn’t it just keep growing like the hair on your head does? Why don’t guys have to have the task of cutting/shaving armpit hair because if they didn’t their underarms would look like Rapunzel? 

 Girls with naturally straight hair Again, probably not technically a mystery, but kind of. I know you could probably say some babble about genes and DNA and whatnot, but WHY do girls like me get hair that has to be groomed and whatnot after showering, and then some girls can just let their hair air dry and it’s GORGEOUS. If you are one of the latter, I am eternally jealous of you. Because this is how I am looking when my locks air dry. 

If anyone has the answers to these things I consider life’s mega mysteries, I would be grateful if you share your answers. Oh, and I hope you will hop on over to my blog and follow along!


HAHAHA life's mega mysteries! SO FUNNY :)
You obvi need to go check her out!! 


  1. Oh my gosh, I must check her out! I love this post!

  2. Could not agree more about how people could actually forget to eat! My hunger pains 2 hours after breakfast never allow me to forget :-P

    And don't get me started on girls who look fabulous when they let their hair air dry. That's just not right....


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