Wednesday, June 11, 2014

So i have a confession

Hey Girl Hey!

I am glad it's wednesday because that means I am one day closer to vacay!

EEEK :) I am starting to pack today, I have already made my packing list and almost all my laundry is done. I am so so so ready.

but since it is wednesday I am bringing you a confession or two.

I confess--

-I have a couple guest posters next week & I can't wait to share them. (I am still looking for a few more, so if you are interested let me know!)

-I am SO glad today is a rest day (what a rest day the week before vacay) but I am just tired and I need to re-charge me bod.

-The sun is suppose to be poking out today, so I might be finding my way to the pool

-I am obsessed with CartWheel (the target app) loveeee.

-I have all my healthy snacks/meals planned for vacation and I am finding that will power to stay on track with only a few indulgences for vacation.

-I am subbing for summer school tomorrow, WHAT am I thinking? Hahaha, I guess 1 day won't kill me.

What are you confessing dolls?


  1. i want to go on vaca too! where ya headed?

  2. I am still so jealous you are going on vacay!!! :)

  3. Cartwheel is seriously the best app ever! I've already saved over $150 with it!

    So excited for you to go on vacay, and that rest day is good for you and don't let yourself think otherwise ;-)


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