Wednesday, June 4, 2014

nope not a good idea

Good Morning Dolls!

Is it really already Wednesday!?
I have been enjoying my first week of break so far. I even laid out for a bit yesterday.

Now one of the draws of this complex, not just that D lives here, was that there are 4 pools. That way I can try to avoid screaming children. Now out of 4 pools, two are open and NOT the ones closest to my apartment. I went to the office and asked about this and of course I was answered with NON-answers and ridiculous crap. I know I am being a brat, but I am paying for this. My rent goes toward 4 pools and I think it is ridiculous that it takes OVER a week to get this straightened out.


Okay so earlier this week, one of my fave bloggers, Stephanie compiled this list and I was literally laughing out loud while I was reading, thus I had to make my own.

NOPE, not a good idea.

- Painting your nails after 8pm

-  A 44oz drink on a road trip, peeing every 25minutes is NOT acceptable to other passengers

-'winging' your own salad dressing

- thinking you are going to workout BEFORE work

- Putting off buying toilet paper til the last minute

- Putting of buying gas til the last minute

- thinking 'nah I don't need my phone charger' when heading out for the day

-Putting on liquid eyeliner in the car

-Walking into Target for just one thing

What are some bad ideas?


  1. haha glad you liked the post :) I would totally complain about the pools too. You're paying for it! it would be one thing if it were some free community pool but come on. You pay for a service, you should get it. Just my thought!
    LOL at the liquid eyeliner. So guilty of that one. What a terrible idea.

  2. Ha! I am sooo guilty of painting my nails after 8 pm just to ruin them and walking into target for one thing and leaving with a whole basket-full... Today I went to target to get hair elastics and of course left with a purse, nail polish, and a loofah as well! But good news - the nail polish is Insta-Dry so I won't have to worry about ruining it after 8 pm :)

  3. I completely agree with you on the 4 pools, they should have an answer for you whether it be a maintenance issue or not.

    And Target... oh my happy place! I walk out of there with much more than I intended to buy every single time without fail...and I keep a phone charger in my purse so I have one at all times. You never know if you'll be out longer than anticipated or get delayed at the airport, etc..

  4. OMG - yes Target. I have to force myself outta that store sometimes.

  5. i am NEVER able to work out before work. it just doesn't happen


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