Monday, June 23, 2014


Happy Monday Friends!

I am back from vacation and while it feels great to be back in somewhat of a routine, I am missing the beach in such an awful way. I was really made to be near the ocean.

ANYWAYS I have a whole vacation recap post for ya, but that will have to wait until Wednesday. I am looking forward to catching up on everyone's blog, because I did not get blogger ONCE the whole time I was gone.

I will share my weekend back with you however.
It consisted of naps, shaved ice, workouts, long hot showers and more napping.

Sunday ootd

plus a little OITNB (yeah I have not finished it, i am savoring it--2 eps left)

Hope your Monday is going great!!!


  1. I didn't get to watch any OITNB either! I have like 8 episodes left in Season 2 and I am trying to space them out :)

  2. I miss the beach too... lets runaway?

  3. Welcome back! Can't wait to see your vacation pictures.

    I was done with OITNB in like a week worth's of naps...I'm bummed. I might rewatch it already. :)


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