Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How I Stayed Healthy on Vacation

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WELL here I am, back to the grind.

okay that's a lie because I am on summer break, but I am back from vacay and back to somewhat normalcy.

Now since D & I joined Planet Fitness back in February, we haven't gone more than  2 days in a row without being there...well it was over a week (we made it back EVERY DAY since we have been home.)

it worried me.

I was afraid I would totally derail off my plan and slump back into laziness since we were not hitting the gym 4-5 days last week.

SO instead I decided to do some workouts at the condo, to make myself feel better. I tried to do them in the mornings before our day got started (& so they were outta the way)

I wanted to share a few At-Home workouts I did. I did a combos of any of these moves.

100 jumping jacks
50 squats
100 regular crunches
10 push ups
4-30 second planks
1 minute of jump rope (x2)
50 hip raises (lower abs)
5o bicycle crunches
3 x 10 fire hydrants
3 x 10 kick backs

Did I do these every day? I wish I could say yes, but I didn't. I got these in a few times plus we did stairs (we were on the 7th floor & D and I took the stairs a lot)

I also tried to be prepared for the eating portion. I won't lie, I splurged a few times and it WAS SOOOO worth it. However, I didn't want the whole week to a crap fest of eating so I packed smartly.

I made a trail mix & the portioned them out into baggies to eat for the car ride down/back so i wouldn't be tempted.

I also premade sandwhiches (using Ezekiel bread, turkey & mustard) so i wouldn't have to worry about fast food temptations/fatty sub sandwiches)--plus got these brown rice snaps (aka crackers) and am obsessed.

I brought my organic oatmeal and topped it with bit of granola, when everyone else as eating biscuits and gravy.

Other things I did, I made sure we got a lot of fruit and had a big fruit tray to snack on. I brought my kashi bars for breakfasts. When we would go out to lunch I would look for 'lighter options' such a s grilled chicken & veggies because I knew that night i wanted to enjoy the mexican food.

all about balance.

I am proud to say I didn't gain one single pound on vacation. I am feeling great and ready to be back on the the healthy train!

How do you stay healthy on a vacation?


  1. That's awesome! We've been workin' on our fitness (fergalicious style of course), and are getting ready for vacation so it's reassuring to know sticking to it can be done and that it's worth it! It's crazy how unaware I was of how bad some of the 'healthy' food was and now I can't go back!

  2. Good job, girl! I workout at home all the time...this girl cannot afford a gym, plus i will do WAY more at home than at the gym with people watching. :)

  3. Love this! I primarily work out at home with the exception of free yoga classes at work, and I love when people realize how much you can do just at home with some hand weights and good ol' fashioned exercises :)


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