Wednesday, June 18, 2014

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Well we are on our 2nd to last day here in Galveston! It has been so amazing here and honestly being able to look out to ocean from any window is going to be hard to leave. We are heading out soon to the beach for a little before heading into the city but before I go I want to share with you someone who is pretty awesome! We have been blog friends for quite  a while! We share a lot of the same interests, and I actually guest posted for her when she was out exploring Europe.


Hey there, my name is Kate and I blog over at my little corner of the internet Green Fashionista about everything from fashion & beauty, traveling, my weekend shenanigans, and I also host a recipe link up on Tuesdays with my friend Emily.

As much as I love fashion, my all time favorite hobby is traveling and that's where the majority of my fun money goes, even though it makes my closet sad. So, of course I'm super jealous that Sarah is on vacation right now while I'm stuck at work... wahhhh.

I'm notorious for over-packing and have gotten much better over the years after realizing how I only use about 20% of what I packed. 

Beach Vacay Necessities

On a beachy vacay, you'll spend the majority of your days at the pool or on the beach, so I pack several bathing suits and cover ups for the day time and sundresses and sandals for dinner and night life. Don't forget sunscreen *practice safe sun*, your make up bag, and a beach bag. And most important of all your passport! You can pick up anything you may have left at home, but you're not getting anywhere without your passport.

*Bahamas Cruise for a friend's 30th b-day*

*Jamaica 2012*

*Snorkeling the South Pacific in Fiji on our Honeymoon 2010*

City Vacation Necessities
When site seeing in a big city you'll want to pack comfortable clothes such as your favorite pair of jeans, a flowy top, and walking shoes for the daytime. The best investment I made for our recent trip to Europe was a cross-body bag. I loved having everything I needed right there where I could be hands free, and keep it where I could see it to avoid being pick-pocketed. Also, don't forget to carry cash for cab rides and for tipping and to bring a cocktail dress or two for dinners out. Nothing makes me feel fancier than dressing up and going for cocktails before dinner on a trip. If you've booked any tours beforehand, don't forget your itineraries and vouchers.

*Barcelona, Spain 2014*

*Lisbon, Portugal 2014*

*NYC 2013*

You can keep up with my travels on my travel tab which was recently updated with my trip to Europe last month. Next on the agenda is an end of summer trip to Chicago with great friends. Can't wait to eat my way through another amazing city!


Now pop on over & say hi to her!

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  1. Oooh I loves her necesseties. Such cute stuff! :)

    I'm sorry your vacay is almost over.


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