Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Galveston {Picture OVERFLOW}

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Okay so I am here to recap my vacation to Galveston, Texas. I went with D, my sister & my parents. None of us had ever been to Galveston so we were ready for the adventure and major relaxation. This is pretty picture heavy soooooo here we go--

We left Saturday morning.. sooooo early

Ready to hit the road...

after 13 hours (traffic sucks) we MADE IT right at sunset :)
We were right on the beach and the first morning definitely called for mimosas on the balcony!

 The first day we did some exploring and we ended up on the paddle boat  (it was HUGE) that went around this bay. It was an old boat that had been restored.

My sister & I

My handsome man on the boat :)

We also went mini golfing, my momma & I

Just being silly!

We went to a 'historic' part of Galveston called the Strand where there was tons of shops etc. Waffle cones with  Mint Chip Ice cream was a must!

We also took a ferry to Bolivar Island (not gonna lie there was a whole LOTTA NOTHIN there) but the ferry was fun. 

View from the ferry! We even say dolphins that were jumping outta the water. It was really neat, but alas my silly iphone camera was not good enough to capture

On one of our last days we went to this dock/museum. This place was known as the "Ellis Island of the Gulf" it had tons of neat artifacts and this boat named the "Elissa" that we go to tour. There was tons of information about life on a ship back in those days (early 1900s) and they even had a system where you could look up anyone who entered the country through Galveston.

The whole reason we went there was because my dad said his grandfather came from Switzerland and was pretty sure it was through Texas and he wanted to see if there was any information AND THERE WAS!! We were able to look up our last name AND BOOOM there it was. His departure date, his age, the year he came and the exact date he came to America. It was so neat!

D 'sailing' the Elissa

I guess this is popular in the North East. Dave's family had raved about it, so we tried it and I must say it was pretty tasty!

There was a lot of balcony reading

More beach days
toes :)

Our last night we had a fancy seafood dinner. We went to this place called Gaidos, and it was AMAZING!!!
Last morning, Last Sunrise!
We do not wanna leave :(

Overall it was an amazing trip and I would definitely recommend going if you get a chance!!

Can I go back yet?


  1. I love all these pictures. It looks like y'all had such a good time!

  2. so i love all your pictures, but i especially love your hat! so cute.

  3. Girl, you look great! Your hard work is paying off!

  4. Ah how fun! I was at Myrtle last week and am already ready to go back.

  5. It looks like you guys had a great time! How many hours did it take to get back? You look great, girl!

  6. Love it. Went there back in 2010. :) Looks like a good trip.

  7. I've never been to Galveston, but definitely put it on my list to get out there! Looks kinda similar to Cape Cod which I LOVE! So glad you had such an amazing trip gurlie!


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