Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Funnies


The sun is shining and I am leaving for vacay tomorrow morning!
how could it get better?

So I subbed in summer school yesterday. I was dreading it, I won't lie.

But It was actually pretty fun. The way it works is all of 3rd grade (well 4th grade now) are randomly split up between the teachers. So out of the 6 of us who actually teach during the regular school year, 4 of us (well them) are teaching summer school and all the kids are mixed up, so I had some of my kiddos from last year in my sub class and then also other kiddos from other rooms. It was wonderful seeing my kids and summer school is WAY laid back. We got to do actual fun stuff & projects and it was so strict.

plus there was dodge ball.

So anywhoos since I need to get out & do last minute shopping (aka use my gordman's coupons) I am going to leave you with some friday funnies.

-yesterday at summer school one of my kids saw something and yelled out 'HOLY BUCKETS' I don't know why i laughed but i just thought it was sooo funny.


Dave had sent this to me, because well he knew i would laugh.
ohhhh kids,

I feel like ALL my kids feel like that

anyone else?

pretty much.

have a fab weekend ladies :)


  1. Hahahaha that last one. OMG I make that face all the time!

  2. haha the adventure one, I remember feeling like that as a kid!

  3. that first funny is hilarious!!!!

  4. YES to dodge ball! I used to rock at that game *blows off the gun powder on my fingers*.

    And that adventure e-card is spot on and hilarious!

    Have an AMAZING vacay gurlie!


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