Monday, June 30, 2014

Fish bowls & baby toes

Good Morning Dolls!

It is a beautiful summer day here...
okay well the high is in the mid nineties and the humidity pretty much drenches me in sweat the second I walk out.

amen for air conditioning.
I am going to be working on some school things today, because school is back in 6 weeks from wednesday!!!

but anyways I had a great weekend, prefect mix of relax and socialization.

a few snap shots--

{1} Gym time on Friday
{2} New Mani
{3} Friday was Lindsey's birthday, so we hit the town & Fish Bowls were had
{4} The bday girl and I
{1} Saturday we ran errands & i stopped in at Mama Jean's--my new fave organic food store
{2} We went to Jen & Cody's friday night and then sunset was too gorgeous for words
{3} Sunday we had dinner and spent time with D's family...including is beautiful niece #babytoes
{4} She is just gorgeous

That was my weekend, ready to be productive this week!!
How was your weekend??


  1. That sunset is gorgeous! Have you tried Jamberry {I think that's how it is spelled} nails yet? I just got a sample in the mail that I'm excited to try.

    What is D's niece's name? She's adorable!

  2. Absolutely LOVING your nails! Gorgeous :)

    And of course the blue fishbowls!


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