Thursday, June 12, 2014

DIY {Scarf organization}

Good Morning Friends!

I hope your Thursday is treating you well, I mean HEY it is Friday EVE!
and HELLLLOOOO I leave for vacay in TWO DAYS.


I am still packing, but almost done bc tomorrow is going to be for last minutes errands and get mahhhh nails diiiiiddd.


anywhoos part of my summer bucket list was to organize my closet. So last week I sat down and tackled it. (i do not have any before pictures, but here are some afters)

However what I really wanted to show you was this--

Scarf Organization. I had found that pin a while ago, and had tried it but it was always too heavy and I was usually in a rush and didn't organize properly.

What you need-
Shower Rings

I bought my shower rings from the dollar tree and I just used hangers I had in my closet. I have A LOT of scarves so I  used 4 hangers.

1. Now depending on your scarf size, I put about 5-6 rings on the hanger. If you have lighter skinnier scarves you could do more, the same id you have heavier larger scaves, maybe only 4-5 rings.

2. After the rings are attached pull the scarves through, 1 per ring (I did multiple on a ring before & it always ends in a mess). I colored coded mine (rainbow order) just so its easier for me to find the scarf I want to.

BOOM easy scarf organization made easy!


  1. Love this idea! All my scarves are in a plastic tote, but once i move and have more room I am doing this. :)

  2. I love a good organizing project! Nicely done!


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