Friday, June 27, 2014

5 on a Friday

I cannot believe it is already friday!

This week is flying by! Tonight is Lindsey bday so will be going out for dinner and then our fave karaoke bar, le duh :) Then we will be hanging out with friends tomorrow, hopefully on the river...we shall see.

But since it is friday, I am gonna give ya my 5!
* i know the link up has been paused but I still wanted to do a post*

{1} This song. Chase Rice is a newer artist and I LOVE  this song!!

{2} My birthday is 2 weeks from am I 25??? like really #quarterlifecrisis

{3} Next week I am going to be starting to work on things for my classroom. I have started a bit on templates for Parent Night and reading group lessons, but I am excited to start on decorations etc.

{4}I read Lipstick Jungle over vacation and I LOVED IT. I recommend you read it. It did start a bit slow, but picked up and is a fab girl summer read! I am starting on a 'Lies Chelsea Handler told Me'

{5} I tried yoga for the first time on Wednesday and actually really enjoyed myself! I won't lie, it wasn't as much of a workout as I had hoped, but I am thinking of using it as a 'rest' day and considering it more of a stretching/practicing balance time!

I can not say this is NO LONGER true :)

Happy Friday!


  1. What day is your birthday?? Mine is the 16th!

  2. oooo birthdays are fun!

    and chelsea handler is HILARIOUS!

  3. Ok, I've tried commenting on here THREE times lol - so if you get a lot of comments sorry! Anyway, I LOVE yoga. It's relaxing to me!


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