Friday, June 6, 2014

5 on a Friday


So GLAD it's friday because we have so many fun things this weekend. My friend Jen is turning 30 so we are going out tomorrow night to play & celebrate & there just might be a party bus involved.

But since it is friday I am givin' ya my 5.

{1} This rain needs to GET OUTTA here. It rained all day yesterday and it pretty cloudy today. The forecast is calling for chances of rain for the next week.

eff that.

{2} RHOC. Okay I am all caught up (thank you treadmills for having cable at the gym) and let's discuss. okay first off, THANK GOD ALEXIS GONE. #hateher But how are we feeling about the new girls? I like Lizzy, thus far however the previews are showing some shadeeeeey-ness. Shannon, she is a bit high strung for me. I think I like her, but she is a bit grating on the nerves. As usual my girl tamra is fab. Vicki be cray and realllly? more brooks this season? He is like a trainwreck, get outta here. And of course heather, LOVE. ALSO did anyone else see Dr. Dubrow & Dr. Paul Maloof are getting their own show on E! ?

{3} My new workout tank.

go to old navy
tons of bright colors.
go now.

{4} Bought  a new swim suit (old navy again) It is a tankini (not bikini ready yet) but i feel awesome. I actually felt great when I put it on and cannot wait to wear it. WHEN has that EVER happened??

{5} Tried out spaghetti squash last night!

Turned out great!

Recipe next week :)

Have a great weekend!


  1. I keep meaning to try spaghetti squash, and then I get nervous that I will hate it like I do every other kind of squash and then I never try it. I'm the worst. But maybe if I would just buck up and put a bunch of like, seasoning on it with some feta and onion and stuff, it would be good. i don't know.. I just really wish I liked it!!

  2. Spaghetti squash is great! I love it with just some butter & Parmesan cheese :) I wish there was a way to make it a little more noodle-y & not so crunchy sometimes. Old Navy is great too for work out stuff! Can't beat $10 shorts!

  3. That spaghetti looks amazing! I am not a big fan of pasta...but we should have this next time I visit! LOL - speaking of, let's start making plans!

  4. I love Old Navy swimsuits and they are so affordable! Yum to the spaghetti squash!


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