Sunday, May 25, 2014

Workout Recap!

Happy afternoooon!

I hope everyone is enjoying this weather & holiday weekend! We just got done with lunch with D's family. I'm taking a much needed rest day bc my legs are dying! But I am here to share my workouts from the week!

3.5 miles on treadmill
5 x 12 chest press 
3 x 12 shoulder raises (front)
3 x 12 shoulder raises (side)
5 x 12 lat pull down
5 x 12 tricep press

Tuesday: 1 hour Zumba class 

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: rest

Friday: 2.5 miles on treadmill
5 x 12 hip adduction (innerthigh) 
50 squats 
5 x 12 calf extension
5 x 12 seated leg curl
5 x 12 leg extension 

Saturday: 3.5 miles on treadmill
100 regular crunches 
50 lower ab raises
3 x 12 fire hydrants ( per leg )
3 x 12 donkey kicks ( per leg )

I didn't lift as much as I wanted to, but it seemed we needed to be places every day after workouts so I cut done short! Next week is a new week though!

How were your workouts this week?!

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  1. Your Saturday workout is an awesome one that I can do at home, thank you!


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