Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend shenans

Good Morning Friends!

UGH, i freaking hate mondays.
upside, I only have 1 more after today until summer vacay :)
thank god.

anyways I had a packed weekend and really wishing I had another day to sleep in.

1. Started with a great workout
2. I have been noticing people in my real life not being as supportive of my fitness journey & this quote really made me feel strong.
3. Same with this one.
4. Healthy din for D & I (Tilapia & Broccoli.--not pictured brown rice)

Saturday & Sunday

we went to warrensburg for my sister's college graduation.
1. D & I waiting for it to start
2. BOREEEED. Dad & I
3. Emily walking up to get in line.  (she is the one with white medal in the walking row, second girl)
4. It's over!! We can have lunch (that is really what we were thinking!)
1. Me & the grad :)
2. Again outside
3. The whole family
4. Out for ice cream :)

It was such a great weekend! I am sad it's over but I am ready to conquer this last week of testing and getting on step closer to summer vacation. BRING IT ON!!

How was your weekend???


  1. Haters gonna hate! Keep doing your fitness journey and soon they'll be asking you how you did it.

    Looks like a great weekend!

  2. So sorry for people being rude! Ugh! Keep on, keepin' on! You're doing great!

    You are done with school soooooo soon! Lucky lady!


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