Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Weekend on a Wednesday?

Well Hello wednesday!

I like you much better as the second day of a work week! You get here so much quicker!

So today is our field trip. We are going to a cave about 45 ish minutes from school. They are going to get to hike, explore and 'mine' for treasures.

They are stoked. I am praying it doesn't rain. Wet & sweaty 3rd graders smell much like wet dogs.

anywhooooos I thought i'd catch you up on my weekend...and Wednesday is the perfect day to do it.
Pretty much I am a slacker...

My weekend--
{1} D & I hit the gym Friday night before heading out to dinner with friends
{2} pack pack pack my room (I am almost done)
{3} Hy-Vee salad bar for lunch on Saturday
{4} I took D for froyo in the afternoon

Saturday evening was D's cousin's wedding
D with Haven literally melts my heart and makes me happy happy girl.

{1} Rocked my new Kimono from TJ Maxx to lunch on Sunday
{2} Lunch consisted of Lamberts #NOMNOM (I want to point out that when i wanted all the fried chicken & taters and all the other bad stuff, i got grilled chicken, green beans and apple sauce--and HAD ONE roll. GO ME. I did a few fried okras, but only  few #healthywin)
{3} Hit the gym early Monday morning for a Memorial Day Workout
{4} My American Flag Scarf fro Khols 

There ya have it.
Hope you all had a great 3 day weekend..& HEY ONLY TWO more workday wake ups this week :)  


  1. You looked so pretty at the wedding! Have fun on your field trip today!

  2. Weekend on a Wednesday just has a nice ring to it. I love your workout photos, lady! Keep it up!

  3. I love all the pics! Wow you are right...thank god for only 2 more days this week lol

  4. Wet and sweaty 3rd graders... woof! *hope it doesn't rain*


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