Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tough it Out Tuesday {Successes}


didya miss me yesterday?
I had such a wonderful weekend. It was busy yet relaxing which means I didn't get any posts done...

BUT I am here today to share a few things with you. I have been working my hiney off at the gym and trying to get my meals better and i am starting to see it pay off!

I still struggle, don't get me wrong. 3 outta 4 times I dont wanna go to the gym, but more & more I am just forcing myself to go and i am ALWAYS glad i did it.

SO here are some victories in my fitness/health world.

{1} I have officially since January 13th lost 20lbs. My short term goal is 30 by my bday (July 13th)

{2} I have ran (straight with ZERO stops) a 5k. This is HUGE for me. I started running in February. I could barely make it 5 minutes with out a stop and now I am going over 30 minutes without a stop.

{3} I walked into Charlotte Russe, tried on shorts (NOT IN THE LARGEST SIDE THEY CARRY BTW) and they fit. There was no stretching them out first, no muffin top, NOTHING. they fit amazingly and were actually just a smidge loose.

{4} My fave pair of jeans that NEVER go in the dryer (hello shrinkage and muffin top) were accidentally coughDAVEcough & when i went to squeeze into them, they slid right on and are actually baggy!!

{5} All of D's tshirts I used to borrow that would fit normally are all WAY to big to wear in public.

WHAT are some of your victories thus far?



  1. OH my gosh. That jeans-in-the-dryer anxiety. I forgot about that and I am so proud of you for having a good experience!

    It's always men that do it!

    Congrats on 5k distance!

  2. Look at you go gurlie! And I am always deathly afraid of my jeans after the dryer... yipes! Congrats!!!

  3. congratulations girl!! that's so awesome!! i follow along on your instagram and it's so inspirational and motivating to see you going and killing it in your workouts. way to go!! xo


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