Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tough it Out Tuesday {the not so glamorous side}

HELLLLO friends!

Did everyone have a great weekend? I hope you all got three days too. Today is the first day of my LAST week of my first year of teaching (say that three times fast)

YAHOOOOO :) We have many fun things planned this week (field trip, field day etc etc) I am ready for summer but i must say i will miss those faces!

ANYWAYS since it is Tuesday I am obvi linking up with Allie & Kay for Tough it Out Tuesday. Last week I shared some of my successes so far.

but with all highs there comes some lows.
Let me tell ya, there are some lows.

here are a few of the less glamorous things that happen when you start working out/getting on the healthy train

*these may be graphic/gross...if you are not interested then click away now.*

{1} Asparagus pee. If you have ever eaten asparagus, then you know what I am talking about. Healthy green veggies have their downfalls.

{2} Boob Sweat. Yeah this is normal, i get it. But when your girls are on the larger side...yikes. and honestly, just sweat in places you didn't know you could sweat.

{3} You will be sore, all the time. Yeah, 'sore is the new sexy' but when i hobble to the bathroom because my calves and ankles hurt...not so sexy.

{4} Meal Prep. yeah i love to organize & plan so meal planning sounds awesome. But when you get down to it, on Sunday nights I wanna snuggle on the couch, not cook up a pound of turkey sausage and cut up veggies galore.

{5}Washing your hair. ALL THE EFFFING TIME. Now I sweat like a man, so this could be the issue but i feel like I have to wash my hair errrr day now because of all the sweat and nastiness of the workout.

BUT hey, it's worth it right :)

Happy tuesday!



  1. Asparagus. Pee. I hateeee that! And the sore thing.. I'm not sure I remember what it's like to NOT be sore all the time! I feel ya.

  2. Too funny that you wrote about asparagus pee... I just had asparagus for dinner and dreading the next time I have to pee! :-P

  3. Melissa's "Swooobs" is amazing. Dirty sweaty hair is the worst


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