Thursday, May 22, 2014

Okay but WHY

happy friday EVE :)

I can see the weekend on the horizon! We can make it!

So the other day the lovely Tay wrote this post and it made me laugh, so duh I had to steal errr i mean borrow it :)

Okay but WHY...

... do i pray for snow days knowing that I have to make them up...i would have been done with school TODAY had it not been for the snow days.

... i crave chocolate everyday to the point of insanity when i am killing myself with workouts

... does the nice-ness of weather make my students coo-coo

... do i still put my phone in my back pocket when it has narrowly escaped a toilet bath multiple times because i forget that it's in there

...are the weeks so long but the weekends so short

... do i come to work looking like a normal human, but when i look in the mirror on the way home, i look like tornado vicitm

But why?


  1. the last one - lol - lol SO true! i feel the same way!

  2. but why do you fight your chocolate cravings. EMBRACE IT!

  3. PHONE ALMOST IN THE TOILET. I have done this a million times and I never ever learn.

  4. Girlfriend you had a crap ton of snow days this year! I'm glad you don't need to make too many of them up or you'd be in school til July :-P

  5. Amen, to all of it! Yesterday was one-of-those-days at work, and I bought a bag of peanut m&ms on my way home. I told the hubs that I was going to sit on the couch and eat them, and together we ate the whole bag. I was so stressed, the scale went down this morning despite the m&ms.

    7 1/2 more days left for us until summer break! How much longer for ya'll?



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