Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Do you creep? {and why I don't}

Good Morning Dolls!

Thank God Wednesday is here! I am so glad it's here.

mostly because I get a rest day :) #bum
BUT also because I am that much closer to a relaxing weekend with my love and good friends.

but what brings me here to you today is something that i saw on 'Girl Code' (yes it's on MTV and yes I like to watch it while i run because sometimes Bravo has movies during cardio time)

they topic was creeping on your significant other. aka snooping

I have heard and seen many of my friends snoop. They look through phones with the guy walks out of the room. They read texts over shoulders, they go through every picture ever posted anywhere. They scroll through months/years of wall posts etc etc.

Have I been guilty of a few of these.

I have looked through D's pics on facebook and looked at his about me/wall.
once or twice.

*note- i have never and will never look through a guys phone/email/texts etc*

Many girls say they do it to 'be on the safe side' or to get a better idea what their guy is doing. For me it all boils down to trust. If you feel the need to creep or snoop there is (do not deny it) a level of distrust.

I trust D.
with everything. especially the most precious thing i have.
my heart. 

I don't need to creep or look over his shoulder when his phone lights up because i know i have nothing to worry about. I know that if i ever did go through his phone I trust I'd find nothing. Now I am not saying this to brag, but that is the kind of relationship i want and I would assume most girls want as well.

Many girls I know creep at the beginning stages of a relationship. I have been there with multiple friends combing through FB pics. It was a fun bonding moment. but looking back & when I really think about it, that ruins everything. You are not learning about this new person authentically. You are forming opinions, finding out things that you could have learned organically instead of behind a computer screen.

Plus seeing a post from another girl within a few weeks of dating is going to make you CRAZY when there is ZERO reason most likely to be.

Don't get me wrong, many guys are Dbags. I get it. I have been hurt by a-holes in the past too. Girls justify snooping to protect themselves, but the second you feel the need to snoop...that should be a red flag  that maybe this isn't the relationship for you.

Stop creeping.
Trust your intuition on your guy and live your life.
If he turns out to be a jerk, move on to the next!


  1. This is a great reminder and I will try really really hard with the next guy I date - I used to do this to an ex of mine and literally found nothing every single time. I'm not sure why I didn't trust him but I was insecure.

  2. You make 100% valid points! I have to admit that I have looked at my fiancé's cell phone, but never because I thought he was up to no good. Mainly because I am nosy and sometimes he is not the best communicator, so I would find out about us getting invited to things and whatnot by snooping. Still not a good reason, so I will be better!!

  3. my ex boyfriend never cared if i looked at his stuff which maybe was the reason i didn't. i trusted him 100% and had no desire to check up on him. i feel if you feel like you have to creep then there's an underlying trust issue and you might want to figure that shit out...

  4. I agree. I mean, you either trust him or you don't. There's not room for much of anything in the middle there. I like what Melissa said too, I had an exboyfriend who never hid his Facebook messages and who didn't have a lock on his phone or anything, so if I had ever wanted to snoop, I could've.. And I know that's why I didn't.

  5. Agree! The only time I go through my guy's facebook pictures is when I'm missing him and just want to see his face in a million photos. :D :D

  6. I think you make some great points in this post... My boyfriend usually is very secretive with his phone which makes me a bit suspicious. I wouldn't feel like I need to snoop, but the way he hides his phone and things make me think that I should feel the need to snoop? It's confusing I guess! Lol but you have made great points here that I will keep in mind! I would also like to let you know that I nominated you for the Sunshine Award :-) You can find the post here


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