Sunday, April 6, 2014

Workout Recap

Good Morning!!! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! I sure did! As always it came and and went tooooo fast! I am back for a workout round up from this week..

Monday: rest
Tuesday: hour long Zumba class

Wednesday: 2.5 mile run
5 x 10 hip adduction (inner thigh)
70 squats 
6 x 10 leg press
5 x 10 calf extension
25 side lunges (per leg)
25 walking lunges
5 x 10 leg extensions 
5 x 10 leg curls

Thursday: rest

Friday: 2.5 mile run that I ran the 2 miles STRAIGHT!!!!!
100 regular crunches 
100 crunches on exercise ball
50 bicycle crunches 
8 x 12 lat pull down 
3 x 10 shoulder press (holy cow that hurts)
5 x 12 tricep press

Saturday: 2.5 miles on treadmill 
70 squats 
5 x 12 hip adduction (inner thigh machine)
5 x 12 seated leg press
5 x 12 leg curl
25 walking lunges per leg 
5 x 12 calf extensions
5 x 12 leg extensions
3 x 10 glute machine

Sunday: rest

Well that was my week in workouts! I hit a new NSV by running 2 straight miles TWICE THIS WEEK!!! I am so proud of myself! Always mind over matter!!

have a fab week ladies!!


  1. Nice work! I'm shooting for 3 dance classes this week + starting the Focus T25 workout.


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