Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Things

WHYYYYYYYY is the weekend over?
I am so sad its over. It was a wonderful wonderful weekend.
But it is a four day week, so I can make it...

I am excited for this monday to be over because D's brother & wife are having a baby!! She is getting induced this morning! So hopefully in a few hours D will be an uncle for the first time :) I am so excited to meet the little one!!

okay onto my weekend happenings.....

{1} an Easter drawing one of my kids did for me :)
{2} Jen & I had a sushi date on Friday night
{3} after our workout Saturday morning D & I ran errand & went to schlotzkys for lunch
{4} flea marketing 

{1} we took a drive after our errands saturday afternoon. The weather was quite amazing
{2} might have gone to hobby lobby...might have seen this :)
{3} baby shower basket for D's niece shower in a few weeks
{4} we went to dinner @ his brother & wife's house for dinner Saturday night and of course had to take a selfie

{1} Binge watched Mad Men so we were ready for the new (and final) season that started last night.
{2} Made healthy fajitas for dinner
{3} New pretty shelf above my bed. I am obsessed and have the DIY/decorating bug. I am ready for summer for some projects

How was your weekend??
Have a fab weekend!


  1. You had an awesome weekend! I need to binge watch all of mad men (never seen an episode) so that i'm caught up!

  2. It's been baby central up in your neck of the woods lately! So exciting for new baby today! :-D

    And loving those throw pillows too cute!

  3. Oooo Congrats to D and his family on the new arrival!

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend! Love your couple selfies, they're always cute. Congrats to D and the new addition!

  5. Looks like a fun weekend! I love that bicycle print on your shelf! So true!


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