Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Weekend Shenans {a day late}

Well I was off yesterday and my parents were still here, thus I didn't have a post ready.

BUUUTTT I'm back at it today..oh and back at school.
BOOOOO, but hey I am under 30 days til the end of school...not that i am counting or anything :)

How was your easter weekend?
eat too many cadbury eggs....oh wait was that just me..

okay on the easter weekend recap---

{1} My sister got to town on Friday morning and we went shopping
{2} lunch at my fave restaurant in town #NOMNOM
{3}Selfie I sent D because he was stuck at work
{4} Jeans that barely buttoned in january slid right on
{1} A little Redds refreshment on Saturday afternoon
{2} We checked out the new farmer's market in town. There wasn't a lot of produce, but I am hoping in the next few weeks there will be
{3} Emily & I at the farmers market
{4} After shopping we headed to Lambert's Cafe for a late lunch (they are home of the throwed rolls)

{1} Saturday Night we dyed easter eggs
{2} Me & Emily
{4} Of course we went out to our fave karaoke bar, the girls
{1} I might have sang...
{2} Easter Morning after church--btw his parents met my parents for the first time this weekend #bigstep
{3}A little antiquing before my parents left on Monday afternoon
{4} Just us being us...

Hope you guys had a fab weekend :)


  1. Yay for jeans sliding right on. And that's awesome that your parents met D's. :)

  2. Wow you met the parents!! Awesome weekend, I love farmer's market season! I also am proud that I didn't even see a single cadbury egg this year!

  3. Love those jeans an CONGRATS gurlie on them fitting amazingly! ;-)


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