Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tough it Out Tuesday {Successes}

Happy Tuesday!

As you guys know I have been working out and hitting the healthy train. Of course I have given into temptation a few times here and there. I of course wish I was hitting the gym more days but I have been putting forth a lot of effort and it is starting to pay off.

A few successes have happened and since I doubt you guys all read my Sunday workouts I wanted to share a few things with you guys. When I start seeing results it makes me push even harder.

{1} I can run 2 straight miles. Before this year I haven't been able to run a mile...well ever. And now I am up to 2 miles straight. I have never ever been a 'runner' and knowing I am pushing my body makes me so proud.

{2} I have added 10lbs to my tricep push down. I am self conscious about my 'bat wings' aka triceps and I want to tone that shiz up. Adding weight it making me feel awesome.

{3} I have added 10lbs to my leg press. HOLLLLLA. Dem thighs

{4} 14 lbs down. I know its not a lot and I want to lose so much more but I am trying not to let the scale define me.

What have been you successes  health or otherwise lately?



  1. girl 14 lbs is HUGE!!! that is so awesome!! I am really trying to get back on the healthy train myself so I love seeing your posts and pics!!! So proud of you!! And that is so fantastic on the 2 miles! Feels great doesn't it?

  2. Triceps are the hardest!! I swear- I was doing only like 8 pounds this morning and I felt like dying.

    14 pounds is amazing though!! Good for you girl :)

  3. 14 pounds down IS a lot! Be proud of that! Triceps are so tricky. Skull crushers, push down (using the rope on the cables), and dumb bell kick backs are some other good ones to add. Also, use the benches to do dips!

  4. Heck yeah girl! I was talking about some of this today how some of the "I can do more" successes aren't always the sexiest but the MEAN A TON to you, because you know where you started. I'm impressed, keep it up!

    Jessi @ Not the Average Bear

  5. You are doing amazing!! 14 pounds is great! Love reading this, I need motivation to get myself back on track and you're helping. :-)

  6. GET IT GIRL! So proud of you!! And shut your mouth... 14lbs is GREAAAAAAAAAT!


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