Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Things people should stop doing...

Good Morning All!

I am half way through my work week.
Wednedays always drag and drag...but
TOMORROW is my friday so i can make it.

Okay so as we all know I am a complainer.
I complain.

also, I hate people.
okay that is harsh, I didn't  mean like i hate mankind. But good lord, some people just suck.
end of story.

Why do they suck, well let me tell ya....

People need to stop

 {1} Wearing booty shorts at the gym. okay maybe this one goes to just girls, BUT COME ON!!! If you have to pull your spandex shorts down every 3 minutes, they might be too short. Also, DUH I am jealous my legs don't look good in those, BUT I also wouldn't wear them to the gym.  I like my lady bits covered. thanks.

{2} Wearing PJS to walmart. Your looney toons pj bottoms are ridiculous. You really couldn't be bothered to put on sweats? I mean HELLLLLOOOO the yoga pants at walmart are the same price as the PJ bottoms, switch to those.

{3} Getting their significant other's name tatted on their bod. WTF, didn't we learn from Tamra that getting another's name on your bod is the KISS OF DEATH!

{4} Going 10 under the speed limit. I mean if its a sunny and 75 day, go the effing speed limit. I got shiz to do. Or i have to pee, most likely I have to pee.

{5} Not flushing the toilet. REALLY PEOPLE????? Wherever you are, FLUSH IT. Didn't whoever raised you teach you that is WHAT you do. Do people think its funny not to? Is it some sick joke i do not get?

{6} Stick figure families on the back of vehicles.  stop now.


  1. Agreed - on all counts actually! Especially the not flushing the toilet...that's just ewwww

  2. I agree with everything on this list. :)

  3. Ha-ha. "The yoga pants are the same price as the PJs, buy those" Ain't that the truth?!

  4. Haha to the stick figure families, to me it's the easiest way for a creeper to know the litter you're transporting around... not good for business.

    And there's a cure for the jammie wearing people of Walmart and it's called Target ;-)

    1. P.S. How funny is it that Tamra came to my mind with the tattoo name thingy, and of course you finished my thought.

  5. Oh my gosh, I say "I hate people" all the time but Dereck started taking it literally so I try not to say that anymore. I don't REALLY hate people, but I guess I just get annoyed easily? I don't know.

    Totally agree about all of these, especially #1. There's this one chick who has the side of her head shaved (Skrillex style) and colored all kinds of crazy colors; she wears booty spandex shorts with tight tops that show her stomach and I'm just like.... what the fuck. This is not the beach! Put some clothes on! It also makes me cringe when they're clearly like 16 or 17 and I catch older dudes looking.... ew.

  6. OMG THIS " Not flushing the toilet."

    i will NEVER understand why some people don't. VOM. seriously ladies i don't need to see your poop and bloody tamps.

  7. People do suck. Real bad.
    I cannot stand to see an unflushed toilet. Especially in public, cause using the bathroom in public sucks enough...the toilet still have pee or dook in it still...Hell No.
    & name tattoos. nooo. Unless it's a member that is blood (mom, dad, your own children, etc). I'd get a matching tattoo in a heartbeat though. D & I want to get matching ones, as soon as we can pick what the hell we want. lol
    I've been totally guilty of PJs in walmart, I can't even lie. lol

  8. YES to all! I'm especially feeling #4 because I was stuck behind someone doing that on my way into work today!


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