Thursday, April 3, 2014

Stuffed Peppers {recipe}

Man oh Man this week is FLYING BY!
I am so glad it is thursday! I am ready for this weekend and some relaxing and sleeping in!!!

Earlier this week I shared that I made stuffed peppers for dinner and I had lots of people as for the recipe. So i thought I'd share what I did.

Now I am not a super whiz in the kitchen or anything, BUT I am fairly good at throwing stuff together. Most of the time is turns out great, other times....not so much. But I watch a lot of food network and watch what they put together/make and do my own twists.

This time it worked.

-1 TBS of olive oil
-1 onion (I used yellow)
-Bell peppers (this recipe made 4 peppers)
- 1 can of Corn(drained)
-Black beans (pinto would work too)
-Mexican Seasoning (I just used a taco seasoning packet & added a bit of red pepper flake)
-Ground Meat (I used deer mean because we still have so much form D's deer, But you could do ground turkey if you are being healthy or just ground beef)
- about 1-2 TBS of cheese per peppper

Step 1- I put my oil & onions in & let them soften. After about 3-4 minutes I put the meat in & broke it apart. After the meat started to brown I added the seasoning & the corn/beans. (MAKE SURE TO DRAIN THEM FIRST)

Step 2- While my mixture was cooking, I cut the tops off my peppers and cleaned them out. Make sure your peppers will stand up straight before cutting into them. I put them on a cookie sheet lined with foil (EASY CLEAN UP!!)
Step 3- I stuff (with a table spoon the mixture in. Remember to squish it down so you can get a lot in there. Then I topped it with cheese. (For D's because he wanted more cheese, I sprinkled some in the bottom, did a layer of mixture, more cheese, another layer of mixture then cheese on top---i just did a bit of cheese on top for me)
Then broil for 6-8 minutes. If you are afraid of burning/blackening from 400 for about 8-9 minutes.-- just check them every so often to make sure they do not burn.
I served mine with rice. I made a little too much mixture for just two of us so I put a little extra over my rice.



  1. This looks yummy!!! I would have to replace the meat with something else though because I don't eat red meat anymore.

  2. Those look so tasty! Adding them to our menu. We love venison in our house!


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