Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Bucket List

Phew half way mark friends!
We made it to Wednesday!

Since spring has started and the weather is warming up (slowly, but surely) I am excited to start doing more activities. (We have room for so many activities...NAME THAT MOVIE)

I was just telling D some things I wanted to do this spring so I thought I'd share a Spring Bucket List with you guys!

-Feed the ducks at the pond by my apartment complex
-Go on a picnic
-Swing on the swings at the park
-Drive to Branson and go-kart
-Have more BBQs & sit outside for dinner
-Get the shelf for above my bed painted
-Buy myself daisies for to brighten up my apartment
-Give my students an extra recess (if they earn it of course)
-Make homemade Easter baskets for my family
-Find more maxi dresses that have more of a pattern
-Keep my windows open in my classroom for a week

Anything on your Spring Bucket List?


  1. Step Brothers.
    Love the flower picture.
    Your list is fun! :)

  2. Food just tastes better when eaten outdoors ;-)

  3. I am so excited for spring shopping! Maxi dresses/skirts are so comfy, they're definitely the yoga pants of dresses.

  4. I want some maxi skirts/dresses too. Check Rue 21, they had a few cute patterns of dresses. I think I saw one or two shirts I liked, but either way, check there!
    More cookouts & outside time is always a must for any warm-weathered list! :-)


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