Friday, April 11, 2014

Pit & Peak {happy friday}

I am SO SO SO SO SO happy it is friday :)
I cannot wait for this weekend of relaxing and enjoying some gorgeous weather!!

Before we get started, can anyone tell me how to get my email changed for when I comment on other blogs. For example,  when you comment on my posts it goes to my new email...BUT when I comment on other people's post and the reply it goes to my old email address which is continuously hacked.

AND how can i shut that email off my phone?

So anywhoos since it is friday I am linking up for pit & peak with Allie.

Pit- worst part of your week
Peak-Best part of your week


... I have been exhausted lately at work. I have been overwhelmed. I am just so tired I think. The school year is wrapping up..they need a break, I need a break.

that is honestly the whole pit i can think of....that's pretty dang good :)


... We had a bond issue for our school district and it PASSED!! Meaning we as a district will get money to work on our school buildings that are in desperate need of it

... I have consistently running 2 straight miles with ZERO STOPS!!


... beautiful sunny weather the latter part of this week. When the sun is out I just feel better

Have a great weekend ladies!!!


  1. I wish I knew more about internets to help with your email dilemma. I have to assume it's something with your blogger profile versus your blogger settings and tried to google but don't think I see what you're looking for.

    Great work on the running. Keep it up and take care of yourself this weekend - sounds like a rough work week.

  2. Whatever account you are signed into is what you email will be used when commenting on other people's posts. If you want to use your new email - sign into blogger with that one. That's the only thing I can think of because I have two emails and sometimes comment with the wrong one. :)

  3. Awesome job on the running! I hope you get some rest soon!

  4. I would love to know how to change my email as well when I comment on other blogs. It must be so confusing to people to get responses from me on 2 different emails. I created a gmail account for my blog and when I reply to comments on my blog, it comes from there. But when I leave comments for other people, the responses come from my aol email :-P

  5. My guess on the email is that your blogger profile is set differently, when you are in your blogger account (like writing new posts) click on your picture in the top right corner and see what email is listed there and then try going to both the blogger profile and account settings links from that and see if somewhere in there the email is set incorrectly.


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