Wednesday, April 9, 2014

It never fails...

glad to seeee ya :)

Half way done and three days til the weekend! I like that. Wednesdays are usually my longggest days. They are the most boring I think. It usually drags on and on, but I am gonna stay positive today and hustle on through.

So anywhooooos, I was thinking yesterday as I was running late for zumba that it NEVER fails when I am running late i hit red lights which then inspired this post.

It never fails...

... that I tell the art teacher who comes in to see if I need a potty break, that I am fine and 15 minutes later I am about to wet my pants

...that the  day that I am not feeling 100 percent my kiddos at school will act up. One days when i am feeling great they are quiet and do what is expected, I am feeling poorly...they are nut-os! (I still love them to pieces though... *side eye*)

...that I would fall in love with someone who could care less about harry potter #sadpanda

... that I am hit with an inspiring award winning idea for a blog post that i just know I will remember and awe you with my writing so i don't need a petty thing like a pencil to write it down....and oh wait...yeah i forget it.

...that I write an important event on my desk calendar in PERMANENT marker with cute designs all over it and BOOM it gets canceled.

...that i get on pinterest to look at school related ideas for math & i end up in the DIY section re-doing my entire apartment

...that i have a HILARIOUS joke to tell me kids..and CRICKETS. What a hit to the self esteem that 3rd graders do not think you are funny... #fail


  1. Ha-ha awesome list. I'm glad you remembered this blog idea instead of having it fade off into your brain like stuff does for me too.

  2. Ooooh no! Make him watch the movies again... my husband was ehhh about it the first go around, but was hooked after watching the 2nd time and even read Half Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows since the movies weren't out yet. I'm definitely the more obsessed one, but we enjoy it together now and he rolls his eyes at all my HP quotes.

  3. bahahaha I love these all so much and truthfully can relate to every single one! Except the red light one because I only have one on my way to work but my issue with running late is always the dumb trains that go so slow through town!

    love it girly! :)

  4. Haha I love this. I have to write EVERYTHING down or I will forget. Even blog post ideas. :)

  5. If I don't write it down, it will never exist again. Dereck does not care for Harry Potter and didn't like Divergent either... :( On the flip side, in relation to the pee thing, I always wait until last minute. I'll walk by, and it's EMPTY, and I'll be like "oh I'll just come back later." Then when I havetogorightthissecond there's always someone in there!!


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