Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hump Day Confessions

ugh, is it the weekend yet?
I know, i just had a 4 day weekend....but i am ready for another.


Well anyways I am here to confess my life away.

I confess...

{1} that even though i am running farther & longer than I ever thought I still isn't fun. It is still a struggle, but I want to me healthy & look good so bad that I literally have to push myself every tenth of a mile

{2} that i am counting down the days til summer. 28 school days. I swear I love my job, but HELLO summer.

{3} I want to eat allllll the chocolate from my Easter basket but have continued to exercise self control

{4} I love playing board games & when i have a family I am mandating once a week/2 weeks a family game night. Yeah I will be that mom...

{5} That I have so many DIY projects in mind, but I am overwhelmed at the thought of having to do them..

What are you confessing...


  1. I feel the saaaaame way about running. I did 25 minutes this morning and I tried to take it 5 minutes at a time. It wasn't so bad, but I was SO GLAD when it was over!

  2. I love board games too! So proud of you again with the running! I need to do it...and need to actually do it instead of saying it.

  3. i have yet to really get into running mode this year. i keep hoping it'll happen soon but there's still a lot of prayers needed for me! plus, diy's are out the window, i'm too lazy, i mostly just pin them in hopes someone will do them for me lol

  4. Aww we need to find you your soulmate workout. I was a running lover but my life is 1000x better now without it

  5. Can I be in your family? I love board/card games but Bryan hates them so we never play.


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