Friday, April 18, 2014


AHHHH it's so nice to sleep in today!

This four day weekend stuff is much needed and I CANNNOOOOOTTTT wait to see my family tonight! My sister will be here in a few hours and my mom & dad will here this afternoon! EEEK!
So many fun things planned, plus I haven't seen my mom since xmas!

good times all around people.
good times.

mmmmmky on to the friday letters.

Dear D, watching you love on and be so excited for your nieces arrival made me love you even more.

Dear Weekend, BRING IT BABY! I am ready!

Dear Gym, Sorry i neglected you earlier in the week. We had two great workouts this week & i am ready to make it number 3 in about an hour. Friday morning at the gym = emptiness LOVE

Dear Scale, suck on it. I am only meeting up for a date with you once a  week...if that! I am not letting you determine my happiness, BUT the lower the numbers the BETTTTAAA!

Dear Lamberts, I CANNNOT WAIT to indulge on you tomorrow! I am have mashed potatoes &&&& fried chicken. AKA i better run my ass over tomorrow morning.

Dear Family, I cannot wait for you guys to get down here and see me!

Dear Classroom, I have so many exciting things I want to do to you this summer!! #pinterestobsessed

have a great weeeekend :)


  1. Happy Friday! Have fun with your family, love! :)

  2. What a sweet pic of D and his niece <3

    Happy Friday!!

  3. Just in case the numbers on the scale aren't as low as you're expecting, remember you've been lifting weights which builds muscle which weighs more than stupid fat! ;) I haven't been working out as much as before, my stomach looks bigger (due to not eating right) and I've lost a few pounds. Guess what this means for me? I've lost my gains. :( :( :( Sometimes that number on the scale just doesn't mean jack!

  4. Happy weekend! Throw that scale away! Or at least put it in another room!


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