Thursday, April 10, 2014

A teacher's Inner Monologue (or perhaps just mine)

5:30 uggggh snooze
5:45 can I hit snooze again?!
Oh crap I gotta get up...
I better make my hair presentable so I don't get told I have Dr. Seuss hair again

Driving to work -okay I need to remember this kid owes recess & I need to get that book for next week. What else am i forgetting...i know there is something..
At school- do I have time to pee before the kids come in... No, okay I hope I can hold it for four hours until recess
Why are they not doing their morning work?! 
Ohhh you cut your finger last night?! Thanks for ripping the bandaid off to show me the hald scabbed wound.

Whole group reading time- Do third graders think my voices during read alouds are funny or stupid?!
Oh they laughed-- so funny 
Why did I fumble over those words?! They probably think I'm an idiot.
Okay is it time for snack? WHAT its only 9am effffffff.

math time- UHHH WHY CAN'T YOU MULTIPLY WE JUST DID THIS...oh wonderful you did it, you are so smart. I knew I had not failed you.
 Let you pick your own partners for this game? HA? Do i look crazy?
I really have to freakin pee, i cannot make it.
will the librarian cover my class while i sprint/pee dance down the hall?
oh great she isn't in the library.

can i sneak a snack without them noticing...
shit, they saw me and now want snack early. 
no judgement here kids, im starrving too.
Did he really just eat that off the floor? sick.

omg thank God it is recess time, i need to pee, it's actually about to be a peepee emergency.
Well great I only have 15 minutes to scarf my lunch down...HELLLLO indigestion. 
but good lord I am hungry.

 okay 2 hours left. I can make it.
AHHH I love having the lights off and ZERO noise when they are at special classes.

They were chatty in library? NO WAY! they are never chatty with me *side eye to kids*

Why do they insist on playing in the bathroom?
It is disgusting. Hello, pee.

AHHH writing time, they are quiet, I can play music... I wonder if they like this time as much as i do?
doubtful. they love to yell. 

okay 2:15, 45 minutes...we can MAKE IT.

cleaning up & moving onto social studies or science. Why can't they be as quiet during this time as they are for writing??

If one more person asks me when school is over I might lose it...
its not like i haven't taught them time or I am counting down as well.

okay time to pack up, only 15 minutes til dismissal...

UM did he really just throw that planner, do I make a big deal or let it go..
let it go, pick your battles pretty.

I wonder if they are like this for their parents?
i should ask.

Was that the bell?


PHEW, welp I made it & no one died today.


  1. bahahahahahahahahhaha oh so true! :)

    Only teachers would understand! :)

  2. Haha, I have some of these same thoughts at work...except I work with adults and not kiddos. hahaa.

  3. Haha it's fun to think that's how my teachers were when I was in elementary school. And YES to the Ron gif... soooo in love with Ramilda Vane :-P

  4. You just described my hell. haha.

  5. Ha! This was great! One more day til Friday!

  6. I love this! My sister in law is a 4th grade teacher and she always has the best stories!


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