Sunday, March 9, 2014

Workout Recap!!

Happy Sunday!!!

These are my workouts for the week!!


Tuesday: 2.5 miles on treadmill
50 regular crunches 
50 bicycle crunches
5 sets of 10 seated bench press 
5 sets of 10 mid row 

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: 2 miles on treadmill (which I ran the first miles FROM START TO FINISH!! Not one stop!)
50 bicycle crunches
100 regular crunches 
5 sets of 10 seated bench press
5 sets of 10 lat pull down
5 sets of 10 mid row
2 30 second wall sit
20 push ups 

Friday: rest 

Saturday: 2 miles on treadmill
50 crunches
50 squats 
3 30 second wall sits
25 regular lunges per leg
5 sets of 10 on leg press 
25 side lunges per leg

Sunday: 1.75 on treadmill 
100 regular crunches
50 bicycle crunches
50 lower ab raises
30 heel touches 
5 sets 10 seated bench press
5 sets of 10 tricep push down


  1. GO YOU AND YOUR RUNNING!!!! Proud of you girl! I love posts like this because it helps me think of ideas too.

  2. I am seriously blown away with how far you've come! If I remember correctly, you're doing more distance, lifting more, and adding more to your ab workouts right? That's great, keep on truckin girl!


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