Sunday, March 30, 2014

Workout Recap

Happy Sunday!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I am sad it's over and wishing that I could have just one more day of sleeping in and rest...but alas back to the grind tomorrow!

As always on Sundays I wanted to share with you my workouts! As most of you know I have joined Planet Fitness and I could not be happier about that decision! I have been able to try more things and I am feeling incredibly motivated.

Okay onto the workouts--

Monday- 2.5 miles on the treadmill (which the first 1.5 was ran TOTALLY straight through. ZERO STOPS!)
100 regular crunches
3 x 10 donkey kicks
3 x 10 fire hydrants
5 x 10 on the Glue machine (basically a standing donkey kick)
3 x 10 (on each) of 2 abdominal machines (they just said abdominal on the machine...)

Tuesday: Rest ( i had reading night at school)

Wednesday: 2.25 miles on treadmill
70 squats
5 x 10 hip adductor 
5 x 10 seated leg curl
25 walking lunges
3 x 10 leg extenders

Thursday: 2.5 miles on treadmill
100 crunches
4 30 second planks
5 x 12 abdominal machine
5 x 12 chest press 
5 x 12 tricep press
5 x 10 tricep push down 
5 x 12 row machine

Friday: Rest

Saturday:  Rest

Sunday: 2.5 mile run
100 regular crunches 
50 bicycle crunches 
5 x 10 abdominal machine 
3 x 10 abdominal machine 
5 x 12 chest press 
5 x 12 lat pull down
5 x 12 tricep press
5 x 10 tricep push down

I only made it to the gym 4 days this week. I wish it was more, BUT I am proud of what I have been doing! I have been consistently (all this week) running a 1.5 straight through, ZERO stops or slow downs! I am hoping to add another lap and make it 1.75 by the end of this coming week. I am feeling strong and great about myself.

Slow progress was getting the better of me (especially when D runs almost 5 miles in one workout) BUT progress is PROGRESS!

Have a great Sunday!!!

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