Sunday, March 23, 2014

Workout Recap

Happy Sunday!!!

We are getting ready to head out to D's parents but I wanted to share my workouts from the week! The end of the week was busy plus the crimson devil came....

But over all I'm feeling good about the workouts! I have been consistently running 1.25 miles straight. :)

Monday: 1.75 miles in treadmill
100 regular crunches50 heel touches
50 bicycle crunches 
50 lower ab crunches
5 x 10 seated bench press
5 x 10 mid row
3 x 10 tricep push down
2 30 sec planks

Tuesday: hour long Zumba class 

Wednesday: 2.5 miles on treadmill
5 x 10 on hip adduction
5 x 10 leg press
5 x 10 seated leg press
60 squats
30 lunges per leg

Thursday: rest

Friday: rest

Saturday: we moved out friends to their new home so I'm counting that as a workout

Sunday: 2.5 on treadmill
4 30 sec planks 
5 x 12 chest press 
3 x 10 bicep curl
5 x 10 tricep push down
5 x 10 row

How was your workouts??

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