Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What I'm loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Friends!

Is it really already wedneday?? This week is flying by! We are helping Jen & Cody move into their new house EEEEK :)  I am so excited for them. I cannot wait til I can have a house (oh far away) but I am so excited for them and their new place.

So to get me through this hump day I making a list of a few things that I am loving!

{1} Getting back to Zumba. This is my first time back in about two weeks. (we had snow and then conferences) I went last night and had  such a great time. They moved locations and it's a little difference with more people but I still had a fab workout!

{2} This nail polish :)


 {3} My workout tonight!! We joined Planet Fitness last week and it opened today! I cannot wait to get in there and get a workout in tonight :) I am slightly gym-timidated, but I am still pushing myself and I want to get my sweat on!

{4} Mint. I have been obsessing over mint for a while and I cannot wait to wear more this spring/summer

{5} The weather. Spring is coming and I cannot wait!! The temps have been rising this week & any day I get to wear flip flops is a win in my book :)

What are you loving?


  1. Oh that's an awesome color! I'm getting back into the gym this week too. I hate going but know I must!

  2. I am loving that it's Wednesday and I"m off Friday! I'm going to see Divergent! Woohoo!

  3. I go to Planet Fitness and I love it! Bring on the flip flops, I'm ready!!


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