Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend Happenings

WAH, monday why you gotta come so quick???
yet friday comes SOOOOO SLOW!!

I had a great weekend and am obviously sad it is over. 
Is it summer yet?? I am ready to not set alarms!

ANYWHOOOOS, onto my weekend!


1. I made stuffed pepper for Dave & I. It was ground venison, corn, onions & a bit of taco seasoning with cheese melted on top. (recipe coming this week)
2. Feeling mushy about my boy :)
3. Friday Selfie to my sister in the couch...
4. New phone background


1. D'S  cousin came to town & we went to breakfast with his whole family---bathroom selfie
2. D with his cousin's baby. I cannot get over the cuteness in the picture :))))
3. Saturday was also my friend Megan's baby shower (we met in college) and these were some treats from the shower
2. Jen, the soon-to-be-momma, me and & lindset at the shower


1. We got up and got an excellent workout in. I blogged all my workouts from last week here.
2. Worked up at school for most of the afternoon
3. GORGEOUS sunny selfie
4. Relaxing Sunday night with friends, BBQ & Shock Top :)

Hope everyone had a great weeeekend!



  1. Love all the selfies, too cute! :)

  2. I wish I could not set alarms!!! lol ;)

  3. I can't wait until it here yet? I am hoping it will go by faster than we know it! bah! Two Months!!! :)

    Love your recap lady and your new phone background is FABULOUS! :)

  4. Those stuffed peppers looks delicious! Can't wait for the recipe!


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