Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekend Happenings

Is it really Monday?!
Last week was a bit crazy thus I was pretty absent from the blog world! But I'm back!! 
We had an ice/sleet/snow storm yesterday! We are out of school today.

The roads are awful. We went to walmart yesterday and almost died. It is a block away. With the temps being so cold, nothing melted and its just an ice skating rink out there...


This weekend recap starts Thursday!

Jason Aldean!!!
{1} our seats, not the best in the house, but not awful!
{2} Lindsey, Jen & I!
{3} jammin out
{4} first drink in over a month!

{1} Working out Friday night
{2} Trying to stay positive about my working out and eating changes
{3} No Instant Results??
{4} Reading Insurgent

{1} So I went into get my eyebrows done...and i got my hairs cut off!
{2}End result, ITS VERY SHORT...i think i got about 5 inches cut off
{3} D & I on our way to his dad's 50th bday celebration
{4} The normal Aggravation game :)

and I wish i had pictures from Sunday....but after hitting the gym, we made lunch and laid on the couch. I surfed pinterest and that was about it. (plus blogging my awesome workouts last week)


How was your weekend???


  1. I LOVE your hair!!! So cute and I'm glad you've jumped on the long bob wagon with me :)

  2. Super jealous of the concert, looks like so much fun :)

    But your weather... girl it needs to stop! Bring on the warmth and sunshine!

  3. Love your hair!

    I'm so tired of all the snow/ice/yuckiness. I need some warm temps and sunshine!

  4. Your hair look so pretty and healthy! I need to at least get mine trimmed asap! But dang it's expensive for just a trim! haha. Love you!

  5. jealous of the concert! and LOVE the booboo meme! too cute :)


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