Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tough it Out Tuesday {Excerises I have been doing}


I had a crazy busy weekend thus no post was up for yesterday. The jist of my weekend was helping friends move and hanging at D's parents. That was about it....


**side note- all blogs have basically been blocked from school. I cannot open...well any of them. I promise I am reading your blogs, just on my phone and it is hard to comment---i promise to be better**

BUT today is Tough it Out Tuesday and I of course have to link up. I feel like these are keeping me motivated. I have been blogging my workouts on Sunday but I also LOVE this link up!!

So for today and this link up I am posting a few things that I have found that are working LIKE CRAY. I am totally feeling the burn at the gym & after.

{1} Planks. I hate them, duh. BUT I did a bunch (okay 4 30 second ones and I thought I was going to die) BUT my abs are feeling it today. I am a weakling so I can only go for about 30seconds, BUT today I am making myself do 5 30 second planks, it is all about improving!!

{2} Jump Squats. I am beginning to love me some squats. I am gonna add these in. I WAS doing them but have kinda faded off from them...They are major thigh burners, but he we want that. Plus I feel way less awkward doing those than burpees at the gym. (yah still chicken on those so far...)

{3} Hydrants. I know I already wrote about those, BUT those suckers are killing the side of my ass. After 12-15...i am feeling a major burn! Try them out!! Hiney and outter thighs are where it is at!!

 What have you guys been trying?
What is working?? I am always looking for new stuff!

ALSO what are some of your fave workout music??? I need to add to my playlist!!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE planks and love any kind of squat!

  2. Planks are seriously NO JOKE! Get it gurlie!

    And I still feel like an idiot asking about the moving the other day :-P

  3. I usually do 30 min of cardio, 50 crunches, then it varies from there with knee highs, squats, hyrdrants, and other ab/thigh workouts. :)

  4. I have a serious love/hate relationship with planks. I've never really been able to get past :30 but then again, I haven't really tried to be honest. I just incorporate them with my ab routine and that's good enough for me!

  5. Hydrants!!! YESSSS! those are awesome!


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