Thursday, March 20, 2014

Things I have never done

UH HELLLLLO thursday :)
Tomorrow is Friday and I am loving it!!

SO earlier this week Allie posted this post about things she has never done. Since I love lists (and her) I had to steal the idea.

Things I have never done...

-broken a bone
-been out of the country
-eaten clams
-had anything other than my ears pierced
-been west of Colorado (I was 1, so it barely counts)
-liked a roller coaster
-sky dived
-taken a business class
-seen Top Gun (D is embarrassed of me for this)
-been married
-ran a marathon
-Been to NYC

What are somethings you have never done?


  1. I have done all of these except sky dive and the last three on your list. Everything else I have done. :)

  2. You've never seen Top Gun?! Sweet girl, you need to now. :) I've never been to NYC but I'd love too one day!

  3. Never broken a bone either, I have been out of the country, I just tried a clam on Sunday (it was good!), I had my belly button pierced when I was 15 (got it while my dad was getting a tattoo, true story), never been west anywhere, always gone east, LOVE roller coasters, could NEVER sky dive ever (Dereck has, I watched from the safety of the GROUND like a normal person!), never taken a business class, never seen Top Gun, never been married or run a marathon, went to NYC for the first time last year and LOVED it!

    I've never had my eyes checked (though I probably really should), I've never been to Europe (I've only been to Mexico really, so I'd like to go somewhere else in the world), I've never read the last Harry Potter book, and I've never been in a hot air balloon!

  4. That gif is amazing. I'm always afraid to say I've never broken a bone, but it's *knock on wood* still true. I've never been to Colorado, I only have my ears pierced and I definitely don't like roller coasters. To stop copying your list, I've never held a Koala, eaten a spaghetti squash, enjoyed classic literature, bungee jumped or gone skiing.
    I've got to give you props, listing things I've never done was way harder than thinking of things I have!

  5. clams/oysters are overrated. They're slimy and is like swallowing mucus so you're not missing out. Unless you into that kind of thing.


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