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The people you see at the gym {tough it out Tuesday}

Good Morning!

Day Two of my Parent-Teacher Conferences are tonight. This is my extra long night...ugggh!
Since I have been BUSY with the shiz I am being a bad blogger....

re-using a  post.

NOW WAIT, before you go and click away...this post is EXACTLY what I I have been thinking anyway & I am linking up for Tough It Out Tuesday (which is all about fitness & health, which I am trying to do these days)

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But I give you the "People you see at the Gym"

typical resolution- get fit. lose weight. get skinny. workout more.
all the same. People are promising themselves to lose the bulge.

AMEN! I am all about trying to get  skinny and get my tush into those skinny jeans.
Since i have been home I have gotten to use the gym here. It's one of those fancy shmancy
gyms with lots of cardio machines/classes/weight room/yoga room blah blah blah.
it's great. I love it.  Much better than the little apartment gym I will be using
when i head back to springfield.

there are a few things about this super cool gym that 
do not find super cool.
Now one might ask,
 "What is there not to love about working out a fab gym where your parents still pay the membership?" 
(i only cost them ten bucks a month...so its not like it's an arm&leg, but i digress)
to that i respond with these few items of contention-

{1} Girls who pile on 564311 pounds of make up, tease their hair and wear hoop earring to the gym.
Yes,  I get it you might have just come from work thus you have makeup on.
But let's get real, the teensy tiny, over tanned high school chick in her soffe shorts that are rolled so many
times that leaves her 'shorts' smaller than some of my undies is NOT just coming from
work. I suppose the gym is a good place to meet someone, and that is what these
ladies are doing, but if you are planning on just walking at a snails pace
on the treadmill with your teased hair not even put in a pony while
texting/instagraming pictures of your water bottle,
get THE EFF off the machine & let me run off the 5 lbs of fudge i inhaled last night.

{2} Next on my gym shit list is the people who take pictures of themselves.
I am not necessarily talking about those, who after an intense workout
take a pic in the bathroom mirror or whatever to document their
hard workout
.That bugs me, but i don't really care.
I am talking about those who sit on the weight machines and take pictures of themselves
in the gym mirrors...IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GYM.

Hey bro, we can see you...and you look like a tool. 

{3} Then there is the thing that doesn't piss me off, but makes me feel awkward.
The women who walk around the locker room naked.
Not the women who are changing into/out of workout clothes. That doesn't bother me.
It's when I go in to the bathroom to tinkle and I am washing my hands and there is a woman
topless standing next to me. Ma'am at least a bra is mandatory.
and would make me a little less uncomfortable. 
WHY must you walk around the whole locker room nakey? 
Change & get on with your life.
Don't even get me started on people who shower at the gym.
I know sometimes it's your only option, but it skeezes me out.

{4} Finally something really grinds my gears are the chatty cathys.
Maybe it's because I hate working out & i just wanna get in and get out
that i don't get this. People who come to the gym then just stand around and talk.
Now I love a good workout buddy. Someone who keeps you on top
of your game & make the gym more fun. But there comes a point
where I have to wait over 20 min to get on a machine because people
are just sitting on them gabbing. If you are not using the machine get up and MOVE.
Stand in the corner & chat. i don't care. But get off my machine.
There are some of us whose time is precious & have better things to do
(not me necessarily, but others I am sure...)

Why come to the gym and spend 3 hours there but in reality only work out for 30 minutes.
What is the point?

I mean don't get me wrong this is me at the gym which probably
annoys others--

Anyways, anything about the gym (other than having to go) bug you?
Maybe it's just me.

**note, i no longer use my parents fancy schmancy gym because I am back in Springfield and just use me apartment gym***

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  1. I hate people who are using equipment/dumbbells/barbells and are just standing there talking. I workout in the AM so I am on a time crunch and it pisses me off when I have to wait so these chicks who are probably SAHM or just unemployed chat it up without a care in the world while using what I need. They only come once in a blue moon (because they're so dedicated, obviously) but when they come, I try to get to whatever I need first. So annoying!

  2. Ughhh the nekkedness in the locker room PLEASE just NOOO!

    And full on makeup and hoop earrings at the gym... b*tch please :-P

  3. If it helps any, I had a personal trainer for a while with one of my girlfriends, and we were doing her instructions she had sent us one week she was out of town. Some military dudes felt it was necessary to give us pointers, until we finally told them we had a personal trainer and were following her directions. Dude. We're girls, but we've got this!

    Oh and kids at the gym. I'm always afraid I'm going to hurt the kid somehow because it's running around instead of hanging out in the daycare center. Not cool.


  4. bahahaha the picture takers. Like I'm scared to get caught taking a selfie in my car so I sure as shit wouldn't be taking a selfie IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GYM. And seriously... Who wants to see that?


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