Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Wants

Good Morning!

So spring is here...well it's still cold and rainy and gross BUT i am praying in a week or two the warmer weather will start filtering in. With that being said I have a few things that I am wanting for springtime...

Spring Wants

Spring Wants by sar789 featuring wedge sandals

1. Floral. I am loving all floral things and DUH totally spring. Also flowy tanks for a light airy outfit that makes me comfortable no matter what I am doing.

2. BRIGHT shorts. I love the bright bottoms with a plain v neck with a scarf for spring. Chic & classic.

3.EOS, i am never without my egg and with the weather changing chapped lips are not something I want to have. 

4. Flip Flops. I am a lover of all flip flops but I want to get a few that are simple but with delicate touches.

5. DENIM vest. I am so obsessed with mine. I want MORE. pairing it with a a maxi or even the bright shorts from number 2, is a great way to add pizzaz to a simple outfit.

6. Aviators. I actually just picked up a pair very similar at Charming Charlies. I love the look of aviators and they really can be worn with any outfit.

7. Scarves. Okay, I do have 89573489 scarves, BUT i want some that are brighter colors and maybe even pastels. It is still going to be a little chilly, so to add a scarf is not just fashionable but also functional.

8. Wedges. Okay I hate heels. BUT a cute wedge is not going to kill my feet and perhaps bring me up to a normal person's height. Pair with a sun dress and they can dress up any outfit.

9. Denim Shorts. I want longer ones that are not as... 'hoochy'. I want the 'boyfriend' style jean shorts to throw on and go any day during the spring.

What are some of your spring wants??        


  1. I love wedges! Not wedgies...wedges haha

  2. That floral shirt is too cute! Perfect for Spring! I am also on the hunt for a good pair of wedges, because regular heels are a broken face waiting to happen for me!

  3. I am right there with you about wedges! They don't feel like heels but still give an outfit that fun and flirty touch. I am a sucker for florals and bright shorts! I can't wait to do some spring shopping soon!

  4. Ooo I love all of this stuff! I'm not a big fan of wedges (or heels of any kind really), but those are cute!


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